FAQ sur la planche à repasser murale Deluxe

What is the Wall Mounted Deluxe Ironing Board and what is it made from?

Our Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board is a folding ironing board that is concealed in a wall mounted cabinet when not in use. The ironing board folds up when not in use and down when in the service position. The board and cabinet are made from furniture grade birch plywood and the frames are assembled and prepared to give a gloriously smooth surface. The door is made from medium density fibreboard (MDF) to eliminate the possibility of warping. The door is fixed to the cabinet using a continuous silver plated piano hinge.

What size is the cabinet?

The cabinet measures 48-1/4" tall by 14-7/8" and just 3" deep so when you fix it to a wall the projection will be 3" including the door.

What size is the ironing board surface?

The board is 42" long by 12-1/4" wide.

What is the Primed option?

The primed option is where we will supply the ironing board with undercoat paint that is ready for painting on-site to whatever colour you choose.

What paint do you use to paint the cabinets?

We use a matt water-based primer as the undercoat and we then finish the cabinet with a semi-gloss water-based paint.

What do you mean by left or right hinge?

The door can be specified for left hand side or right hand side (as you would view the cabinet fixed to the wall).

How far does the door open?

The door can open in excess of 180 degrees, all the way way to the wall surface.

How does the door open and stay closed?

A magnet is provided to keep the door closed and the opening method is achieved by the very slight lip created by the doors positioning, slightly overhanging the opening side cabinet edge.

What weight can the board support?

The ironing board is rated to support a load of 33 lbs at the outermost tip.

Does the ironing board have a support leg that extends to the ground?

No, the hinge that we provide is strong enough to support the ironing board without the need for a support leg.

What is the distance from the very bottom of the cabinet to the top of the ironing board surface?

5-1/2" (140mm)

I can only fix to one timber stud, will it support the cabinet?

Yes, there is no problem in fixing it to just one stud, the instructions here show the procedure.

Where can I find the installation instructions?

The installation instructions for both timber frame and masonry walls are located here.

What is the ironing surface and is it suitable for a steam generating iron?

The ironing board is made from furniture grade birch plywood and is covered with a metallic silver cotton based cover with a protective coating on the operational side. It is suitable for steam irons.

Is there any assembly and where can I get the fixing screws?

There is no assembly required, it is supplied ready for installation and use. We provide the fixing screws with the unit.

Can I buy replacement covers?

Yes, we have replacement covers in the accessories section here. We also have an option when purchasing, where you can add a spare cover.

How long do the covers last?

It depends on how much ironing you do, most of our customers find they don't need to replace the cover until about 2 years of use.